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WCSC offers a fleet of sailboats for the use of members who have demonstrated competency in their rigging and sailing.  Current centerboard boats available for members include 420s, Sunfish, Optis, and Lasers as well as a Buccaneer and a Flying Scot.  The club fleet also includes three Catalina 22 keelboats.

Members are encouraged to utilize the club boats.  Individuals who use the club’s sailboats shall be responsible for the boat while they are using it, and they are responsible for returning the boat, sails, and gear in good condition to the appropriate storage areas.  Prior to initial use, members must be checked out through designated members of the sailing committee.

To ensure that the boats remain in good condition, please follow these rules:

      All gear, sails, rudders, etc. are to be returned to the storage shed after use.

      Sails are to be folded and rolled prior to storage in the shed.

      Boats are to be launched only at the launching ramps provided at the Club.

      Boats are not to be beached or grounded where there are rocks, pebbles, etc.

      Sheets and lines are to be coiled neatly and the drains left open when on trailers.

      Trailers are to be elevated such that rainwater will drain through the boat’s stern

Club boats are reserved for certain activities including Junior Camp in July (all centerboard boats), Adult Learn to Sail classes on designated weekends in the spring and fall (Catalina 22s), and for other activities as listed on the club calendar.

Reserving a club boat is easy!  First, confirm that you are listed as an approved user here.  Second, log into the club website if you haven't already.  Then, reservations for approved users may be made using the scheduler.  A brief video tutorial on the scheduling system may be found below.

To get checked out on a boat(s), click here.

To report an issue with a club boat, click Club Sailboat Issues.

If you have any questions, please email