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Moorings information


Mooring Request   To request a permanent spot on a mooring

Mooring Change Request   To change your boat information, registration, request a different mooring, etc.

Remove Boat from Mooring Request   To remove your boat from a mooring


Want to catch a cool breeze while staying on your boat overnight?  Temporarily tie off to a vacant mooring in the South or North mooring field.  Use only those moorings that have a stainless steel swivel without mooring pennants on the float.  Stay off all moorings in the north field except 45, 47 or 54.

No swivel?  Don't use it!  The mooring is unsafe!

Swivel with pennants?  Don't use it!  It's a permanent mooring for someone else!

Swivel with no pennants?  Enjoy!

Mooring Locations:  Moorings 1 through 20 are located in the South Mooring Field just to your port side as you depart the harbor.  Moorings 21 through 40 are located inside the harbor.  The North Shore Mooring Field has moorings 41 through 54. 
Low Water Update: As of 08/20/20, the water level is still above full pool, so Enjoy!  Lake levels have been high all year so hopefully you still have all the mooring scope out.. If not,  please extend your mooring to full scope so it isn't lost if the lake comes up further.

Mooring tenants, keep your eye on the water depth under your boat.  Include the full area that your boat swings and remember the mooring block rests about 12" above the bottom.  Shorten your mooring chain scope as the water level drops, 5' of scope is good for a harbor mooring.  10'-15' of scope is good for outside moorings near a shoreline.  If your boat is on a mooring further out, 20'-25 of scope is OK.  Don't forget to lengthen the chain as the water level comes up in the spring.  Click here here to see how to adjust chain scope.  This Video also explains the adjustment.

Mooring Assignments

Mooring Tenants


Harbor Mooring Rotation List

Harbor Mooring Rotation List


Mooring Rules and Regulations

Mooring Rules and Regulations


Mooring Tackle Standards

A complete ready made pennant system is available for purchase through WCSC.

Mooring Tackle Requirements