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Wanted: borrow a trailer for 25ft fixed keel
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Joe Waters in Columbia has a guy that moves boats.

I am also in need of renting a trailer for a few days to do keel maintenance for a 2004 Catalina 250 Wing Keel.



hello, I am in need of borrowing a trailer for a 27' hunter for one day. is there any way you can help me. unfortunately this is a time sensitive situation for a quick sale that has to be moved withing the next two weeks.



Ended up buying a trailer and in the process of fitting it out.

Hello, did anything ever come of this? I am looking to do the exact same thing with my C&C 25 foot fixed keel. I am also flexible on timing.

Please let me know if you have any info.


I am looking to do some dry dock maintenance on a Catalina 25 fixed keel. Does anyone have a trailer I can borrow to get it up the hill? I need some boat stands too if you know of any around. I am very flexible with timing.

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