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Race Commitee Swap

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Stanford Moore

RC Swap Needed for 11/9 1 2

Ryan Neily

RC Swap Needed for Sept 14 (Centerboard Race #7) 1 7

Robert Smith

Race committee swap for 5/24/2024 Friday night races 1 14


Race committee swap for 4/6 - Last minute I know 1 15

John Cribb

Race Committee Swap for Sat, May 11 1 16

Chase Boscovich

Race committee swap for April 28th 1 36


Race Committee Swap for November 5th 1 39

Robert Wilder

Race Committee Swap for Oct. 8 1 31

Scott Clark

RC swap needed -- your Saturday for my Sunday, Oct 22 3 62

James Molinaro

RC Swap needed for Sept 30th 1 37

Chris Granger

Race Committee Swap for April 15 1 49

Hamish Richardson

Race Commitee Swap for April 15th 2 48

Chris Granger

Race Commitee Swap for March 5th 1 47

James Harder

Race Commitee Swap for March 11th 2 49

Rick Wiker

RC swap for Sept 23rd Centerboard Fleet Race 1 47

Chuck Niemeyer

RC swap needed for Nov 5 1 52


RC Swap for May 14th 1 63


This weekend April 16 1 59

Elizabeth Snelgrove

This weekend march 19th 1 65

Rick Wiker

RC swap for Oct 2 Centerboard Fleet Race 3 70