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The Western Carolina Sail Club Centerboard Fleet races on Lake Hartwell in Anderson, South Carolina. We race on Saturdays or Sundays beginning in March and running through November.  We race in a mixed fleet under the Portsmouth Handicap system. The fleet Sailing Instructions can be found here: Centerboard Fleet SI's. The Fleet includes Lightnings, Buccaneers, Flying Scot's, Lasers, MC Scows, Force 5's and a number of other centerboard boats.  We host a mixed fleet regatta in late March that is also a part of the Southeastern Lightning District travel series called the 2013 Springboard Regatta. We also participate in the Western Carolina Hospice Regatta in October.


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Congratulations to John Kreidler__(March 20,2016)_____________________________________

on capturing all 3 bullets this past Sunday. Wayne Cheser and crew were up to the challenge of another tricky forecast for Lake Hartwell (is there any other kind?). Most of the weather services were saying good breeze from the NE until 1pm, then die, shift to the S and move to the west and build thru the later afternoon. That's what I call a crazy forecast, and that is exactly what happened.  

First race starts off with the pin favored big at the warning signal but about 2 minutes to go a huge right made starting at the boat a great move. Spencer Mathews on Flying Scot Encore (with Suellen crewing) along with Rick Fontenot on his Weta Anakin and Byron Hicks all got great starts. Slowly the breeze dropped off as the forecast predicted. We ended up pretty much running a 6 leg beat as the breeze shifted back and forth. John Kreidler with Joe Martin crewing on Comfortably Numb finally caught Rick and passed him in the last 100 yards to get the bullet. Rick captured second and Byron Hicks on his Sunfish was third.

Second race had Wayne and crew setup for a WL1 with a light breeze filling in from the south. Allison Fontenot got a great start and won wire to wire! Wooooo! Well, except for the pencil whipping by John who got the corrected bullet. But Allison ran a great race and got her first career line bullet! Great job Allison. I heard her say she can now retire after posting the line honors. She did capture second corrected and Byron Hicks was third. 

Third race was a WL2 with the breeze filling in a little better. With the course setup, the pin was favored and an immediate flop to port paid off for John and Joe on Comfortable Numb as they led most of the race and got line honors and the bullet. Dennis Baker with Lisa and Alan Curtiss crewing got second, and Spencer Mathews was third.

Even though the numbers were down on the day for the fleet, it was great racing by all with Spencer and Suellen along with Allison on Training Wheeels showed great speed and were in the hunt all day long. Would be nice to see those Buccs and Highlanders come out and show their stuff.

Lots of good racing to come with our next 2 dates in April of the 9th and the 30th. We have a cookout planned for April 30th, so look for more details on that as the date approaches.


Congratulations to Marc Bailey on his bullet on Saturday


The new 2016 season is upon us and started with a fleet meeting and ideas on how to grow the fleet. Once we completed the fleet meeting, PRO Chuck Ballew was on the water….waiting for the wind to show up. The forecast of 5-10 from the SE usually means you have about a 25% chance of any breeze with that direction being the most favorable for Bass fishing, not sailing.


About 2:30, some breeze rolled in and Chuck started a race. Halfway up the first beat, the wind took a 70 degree right shift and anyone that was on the right side was golden, anyone left was un-golden or commonly referred to as ‘screwed’. The race turned into a reach drag race with Marc Bailey getting the bullet and fighting it out with Ronnie Ashmore and Rick Fontenot who both sailed great races and were corrected over by Byron Hicks in second on his Force 5 and John Kreidler on Comfortably Numb in third.


The breeze shut down and the fleet headed to the dock.


Next race is this Sunday, March 20th. See you then.

March 14, 2015 Race results and writeup

Congratulations to Brian Hampton (yes, that Brian Hampton), Ronnie Ashmore and Dennis Baker for their bullets this past Saturday.


The Centerboard fleet kicked off the 2015 season on Saturday March 14th. The annual meeting was held in the morning and the fleet elected a new Fleet Captain, Chris Miros. Congrats Chris and we welcome some new ideas and leadership, the last fleet Captain was a slacker. Good riddance.


After a 1 hour delay to allow the breeze to fill in, the season kicked off with Chuck (‘Chuckie Baby’) Ballew as the PRO setting a course for a lite SW breeze. Team Baker was leading at the first mark but a funny thing happened on the way to the second windward mark. After rounding the leeward mark, the port tack was lifted all the way up the course, but if you could work your way left, it paid off big. Chris Kafsky and Brian Hampton were smart and figured that out and got the huge lift and pressure at the top left of the course. Brian (with Commodore crew Derek Lord) was just too fast for everyone on his Scow Inland 20 and got the bullet. Congratulations Brian! John Kreidler (with Mitchell Brannon) was second and Chris Kasky (with Patrick Hopp, Reid and Laney Kafsky crewing) were third.


With the breeze continuing to be lite, Chuck kicked off race 2. With a big lefty at the start Ronnie Ashmore on Vespula (and Jeff Kaisner crewing) started on port at the pin and won wire to wire. Again, getting to the left side would pay off big….but some of the skippers kept hanging onto the notion that something good would happen on the right, and they paid for it. Big. ‘Nuff said, you know who you are. Ronnie got the bullet, Chris Miros (with Will DeHart and friend Chris) got second, John on Comfortably Numb claimed third.


Finally, the breeze arrived that was forecast between race 2 and 3. Chuck and crew quickly set the course to the new breeze and kicked off race 3. Team Bakers (with Alan Curtiss on board) were fast showing the form that has delivered Yea Baby! many bullets over the past years. John Kreidler was second and Chris Miros was third.


What a competitive start to the season! It’s going to be a tough year where you must be on your game if you are going to get a bullet. And that was the case on Saturday where 3 different skippers were tough with everyone else ready to step up and steal the bullet if you made a mistake. And I can’t say enough about Brian Hampton getting the first bullet of the season. I know we give Brian a hard time (who me?) from time to time, but it’s time to give credit where it’s due. Brian came out of the box and slammed down the gauntlet with the first bullet of the season. Here’s hoping that Brian stays in the Scow all season.


Next race is Sunday March 22nd. Come out and join us for great racing, camaraderie and post race beverages/discussion.


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We have setup the ability for Fleet members to Pay your dues online.. Or, download the paper form here and mail to:
Joe Martin
9 Ottaway Court
Greenville, SC 29605.


2015 Fleet Officers

Fleet Captain -    Chris Miros
Fleet Scorer -      Lisa Baker




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