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Recap Commodore Cup 2022

Rick Fontenot  | Published on 1/3/2022

Snowman Puff           WCSC
           Commodore’s Cup
                 “It was interesting” (WCSC J 22 skipper)

WCSC held its first Frostbite Series 2022 race, the Commodore’s Cup, on New Year’s Day. As seems to be the case these last few years, frost was not an issue. Forecast temperature for the afternoon of the event was a near record high of 73 degrees. Also forecast for race day was wind of 14 to 17, gusting 25 to 30. Given this forecast, I was not surprised at the relatively small turnout of 5 boats for the event. (Six skippers attended the competitors’ meeting; one was a fan of the axiom “Retreat is the better part of valor” and decided to not leave the harbor.


Skippers checked in with Rick, announced their intent to race, and declared “spinnaker” or “non-spinnaker”. Then the group discussed which racecourse to pursue (the event allows a choice from 9 courses, ranging in length from 1.2 miles to 16.8 miles. The decision was to race the longest course, starting at buoy S 20 (near the Club) to buoy 11 (in the big water area of the lake, about two thirds of the way to the dam) and back.


The boats assembled (mostly on time) for the 12:00 start in the area near S 20. Race Committee signaled the starts, and the boats headed down lake, slower designs firstJ 24 in Squall with the faster classes following. Interestingly, the breeze was now a sedate 10 to 12. Who’da thunk the forecast might be wrong! Well, a couple hours later the sky darkened, rain fell, and the wind did indeed blow 15 to 25. I personally cannot attest to the conditions on the racecourse, but it sure was nice and dry in the clubhouse.


One boat retired from the race, deciding that putting the mast in the water was not on the list of New Year resolutions. Four boats completed the race. First to finish was George Masson in “Temeraire”, a J 105. His elapsed time (including delay time) was a little over 3 hours and 22 minutes. Congratulations George and crew. His name will go on the prepetual trophy, and custom provides he will be awarded a quart of fine rum. The last boat to finish crossed the line at just over 4 hours and 12 minutes.


By this time, a fire had been lit in the clubhouse fireplace and the New Year's meal of collard greens, black-eyed peas and rice, ham, and cornbread was ready to be served. The food was good, thanks Allison for the ham and Paul Jordan for the rest. The conversation was good.


Race results can be found on the Club website under the SAILING tab, FROSTBITE Series 2022. Click on the “race results and season ranking” link at the bottom of the page. Ron Sanga took photographs of the race; they have been uploaded to the website as a photo album.      Home > Our Story > Photo Albums.


The next Frostbite race is Saturday, 8 Jan. This event will not have a post-race meal (the Club Annual Banquet is that evening). Hope to see you then…