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Join us for the Bud Light Cup

A Frostbite Race Enthusiast  | Published on 2/22/2021

                                                                                          Join us for the Bud Light Cup

Here’s what the heck’s going on…


Who can come to this?  

You, your boat and your choice of hand-picked crew—even rail meat.


What’s going down?

 Bud Lite Cup.


Why do this at this time?  

Because dog-gone-it… we’re sick and tired of being cooped-up for all these months. And we need some fun.


When are we doing this?  

Meet in the Clubhouse, 27 Feb, no later than 11:00 am. If you are really new to this and want to ask questions you might even want to come a little early for question-and-answer time. Bring a lunch. Have some fun!

You might say: ”OK, so what do I need to have already done to allow me to participate in this fun sailing-day with my buddies, friends and rail meat?”

Ans.  Nothing, except have a boat you remember how to sail and bring her out of the harbor and onto the lake. Even if you have never done anything like this…come on out this time!


…and then you might say:

I haven’t sailed in forever, certainly not this winter, so what’s going to happen that Saturday afternoon?

Ans. Well, we’re goanna have a friendly race and some fun.  After the skipper’s meeting, everyone will sail out to our WCSC pontoon boat anchored off the Point at buoy S20. Then, the flag and horn signals along with your VHF will help you know when to start sailing the course described in the skipper’s meeting. We’ll sail the course around government buoys and back to the Signal boat to finish the day. Neat thing about this Bud Lite Cup is the boat who sails best gets their name inscribed on the cup itself which can now be seen on WCSC’s web site and later in our clubhouse lobby. So…let it all hang out once more in safe distance with buddies and friends. Come out and be with everybody else for this, even if you haven’t sailed in a year.  Laughter is a good for us. The wooden thing is still called a tiller.


PS: The WCSC sailor on land who will be guiding and helping you get going, answering questions and keeping you a healthy distance from others will be Rick Fontenot. Rick knows all the ends and outs of all this. The WCSC Sailor on the Signal Boat who will be helping you from a distance on the water will be Ed Sherman who has been healthy all year, had both COVID19 vaccinations and can answer sailing questions out on the water by VHF radio. Oh, and if you may have forgotten, WCSC is near I-85 Exit 14 and off SC 187.


Yours truly,

A Frostbite Race Enthusiast