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10/10/20 - New dinghy rack between D and E dock is open for business!  Please contact dry storage to utilize this new rack by filling out the appropriate form below.  Refurbished dinghy racks coming soon at the other dinghy rack locations.  

Dry Storage Rules and Regulations

Boat and Equipment Storage, effective 04/16/20


Procedure  for Requesting Dry Storage

This applies to boats being brought to the club, boats relocated from slips to new dry storage assignment, trailer storage for boats in slips, cradles, popup campers, golf carts, all water craft stored in racks, any other member-owned equipment  on dry land and is stored for more than two consecutive weeks.  Boats that are in disrepair should apply to the Work Area (Work Area Space Application) before requesting dry storage.  Dry storage is for actively sailed boats.

  • Complete request form(s):

Add Equipment To add new equipment or add equipment you bought from another member
Remove Equipment To remove equipment or remove equipment from your equipment list you sold to another member
Change Equipment   To change information about your equipment, change registration number, need a replacement WCSC decal, request a move to a different location, etc.

WCSC Lot Descriptions   To help you choose where you'd like to keep your equipment

  • Advise Dry Storage Chairman if you prefer a particular space.

  • Allow up to 2 weeks for WCSC stickers and for assignment to a dry storage space. 

  • Place WCSC stickers so as to be easily visible as-stored: 
    • For sailboats, the decal shall be placed on the front of the mast and visible outside the sail cover.  When the mast is stored horizontally, the decal shall be placed on the stern of the boat.
    • For trailers, the decal shall be placed on the tongue in a visible location.
    • For dinghy's and anything stored on dinghy racks, the decal shall be placed on the side most often stored to the front of the rack so as to be visible by anyone walking by.

  • Use temporary storage area above the garage until you are assigned a space by the Dry Storage Chairman.

  • Assignments or re-assignments are made at the sole discretion of the Dry Storage Chairman or proxy and are subject to change.

What CAN Be Stored

 - Boats on trailer or on dolly
 - Trailers for boats in slips
 - Cradles and stands
 - Pop-up campers
 - Golf carts
 - Storage boxes

What CANNOT Be Stored

 - Boats or other water craft may not be stored directly on the ground except at Hobie beach.

 - No fuel containers allowed on the ground.

 - No boat trailer can be stored without an associated boat at the club

 - No trailers for horses, bikes, powerboats, jet skis or other non-sailing related equipment.

 - RVs and campers (other than pop-ups) may not be stored, but are encouraged to be brought to the club when camping.   

 - No powerboats or craft are allowed overnight unless supporting a club event.

With a few exceptions, storage fees generally apply to anything that has a "footprint" in dry storage areas.  Please do not store items so as to be damaged by or interfere with grounds maintenance.


Inspections are done quarterly.  Contact the Dry Storage Chairman to make any corrections or updates, using the form above.

Inspection Date: Example

Decal #




Tarp torn, holding water
Tires flat


Updated 10/14/20 LMB