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Chili Cook Off 2018

Hugh  | Published on 2/6/2018

So the 20th chili cook-off and dessert competition is now in the history books. Ok, maybe not books, or even pamphlets...but in history. There were 10 chili entrants and 5 dessert entries. There were some tears shed, those who didn't win, those who did and discovered there were no prizes, and those who ate Alan Taylor's chili. There was no category for the hottest chili, but if there was it would go to Alan.

Curt Rubinstein won first for best tasting chili. Werner Lehmann took 2nd and Suellen Jones took 3rd for taste. For best presentation, Werner won first place, Nancy Sue Harder was 2nd and Paul Rock and Ed Taylor tied for 3rd.

In the dessert category Sophie Taylor won first place. She also took second in presentation. Lorette Taylor placed 2nd in taste and 3rd in presentation. Andrea Lehmann placed 3rd in taste, but there was no challenge in presentation with her nautical entry of a sailboat with chocolate anchor and wheel. Although Coz DeJong didn't enter the competition, her homemade cookies were a home run in my book. I mean pamphlet...or whatever. I should add that Sophie was thrilled with the inflated chili pepper I awarded her because she asked.

As near as I could count, there were approximately 65 attendees at the event. The event raised $110 and 240 items for the food bank, AIM. A big thank you to all members who participated, especially to those who provided the chili, desserts and help with set-up and clean-up. It was another great event for WCSC.

Best Regards,