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Recycling is BACK!!

Harry Morse  | Published on 10/31/2017


Many of you have hopefully noticed the neatly organized recycling center in the clubhouse which represents our club’s next effort to resurrect a recycling program for our members.  I had the pleasure of organizing this program and presented it to the Board in October where it received unanimous approval.  As Ronnie Ashmore said "It's just the right thing to do!"  I realize that recycling programs have died off at our club in the past, so the key to success this time is with us, the membership.  It is estimated that two thirds of the solid waste material deposited in our landfill in Starr could be recycled.  Landfills around our state are occupying an increasing amount of acreage, irretrievably trashing this land and contributing to the seepage of pollutants into groundwater which ultimately affects our cherished Lake Hartwell.  Those of us who love the lake and its surrounding environment therefore have a vested interest in supporting this program.

Keys to the success of our program involve proper sorting and preparation of recyclables and recruiting a small group of dedicated members to support and sustain the program.  I have agreed to organize a small committee and Dan Marett has volunteered to assist. We have been given permission to offer “Fair Share” credits for any members who would like to join our committee to reward time spent in supporting this program.  To ensure success of our program please follow these simple guidelines:

1. Please sort and rinse recyclables as instructed and never deposit garbage in our recyclable containers!   This simple step should prevent unpleasant odors and insects.

We are only able to recycle four items as marked on the four containers:

PLASTICS—only plastic bottles which could be capped (water or soft drink bottles, milk or beverage jugs, cooking or cleaning bottles. Take a minute to empty and rinse prior to deposit, PLEASE!!
GLASS—green, brown, blue, clear wine or beer bottles, jars, etc.  Again, please take a minute to empty and rinse before deposit.
METAL—ONLY aluminum or steel cans, beer or soft drink cans, food cans, etc. VERY IMPORTANT to empty and rinse before deposit.
PAPER—Only dry, clean paper such as newspaper, magazines, junk mail, cardboard packaging, etc.  No metal or plastic please.   

Each container will have a plastic liner bag with replacements readily available.  If you see that a container is full, please tie off the filled bag and replace it with another.  You may then either take the bag to the recycling center yourself or call me for a pickup.  I'll try to check by the club often to be sure this is not a problem.

Thanks for your support of this program and for helping us as a club to make our small impact in protecting our beloved environment.  If you have an interest or passion for this project please call me and join our committee (FAIR SHARE CREDITS AVAILABLE!!).  I also welcome any suggestions or complaints.  

Harry Morse (864-314-9996)